Taxation Law

We specialize in the practice of tax laws. In the area of taxation, our law office handles both tax advice and tax consultancy for  individuals, partnerships and corporations. With the myriad of tax laws, rules and regulations, we are equipped to handle your tax needs.

In the area of tax advice and consultancy, we provide specialized tax advice on all business and commercial transactions, including banking and financial transactions, project and venture financing, construction contracts, corporate acquisitions, mergers and reorganizations, debt restructuring, workouts and bankruptcies, securities issues and public offerings, real estate and stock transactions.

As for corporate taxation, we handle issues of corporate reorganizations, acquisitions, spin-offs, mergers, bankruptcies and workouts. We also prepare applications for tax compliance audits, tax returns, tax refunds and tax incentives. We also have much experience in estate planning and on matters relating to employee benefits (pension, retirement, stock option plans and executive remuneration). We are also capable of obtaining rulings, advice and opinions issued by the Bureau of Internal Revenue regarding the tax implications of different transactional matters made in the ordinary course of business. We also handle settlement negotiations of tax controversies and major of business tax  issues.

We also provide legal representation  in the Court of Tax Appeals, as well as administrative agencies such as the Bureau of Internal Revenue, Department of Finance, Bureau of Customs, Tariff Commission, and Board of Assessment Appeals.  We also manage taxation in the local level, we counsel clients on tax implications resulting from the  tax ordinances imposed by the various local government units. Our expertise in handling tax litigation extends to customs and anti-dumping cases, administrative assessments and claims for tax refund.

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